Michelle & Alex || Happily Married

I'm finally getting around to sharing a few favorites from this beautiful winter wedding. I couldn't be happier for these two to finally be together after all they have been through. Congrats again and a big thank you for letting me be there to witness your perfect day.  photo BMP_1849.jpg  photo BMP_1837.jpg  photo BMP_1883.jpg  photo BMP_1875.jpg  photo BMP_2195.jpg  photo BMP_1907.jpg  photo BMP_1968COMBO.jpg  photo BMP_1912bw.jpg  photo BMP_1918.jpg  photo BMP_1926BW.jpg  photo BMP_1931.jpg  photo BMP_2161bw.jpg  photo BMP_2167.jpg  photo BMP_1971bw.jpg  photo BMP_1991bw.jpg  photo BMP_2038edit2.jpg  photo BMP_2049.jpg  photo BMP_2016bw.jpg  photo BMP_2226.jpg  photo BMP_2229bw.jpg  photo BMP_2072.jpg  photo BMP_2079bw.jpg  photo BMP_2197bw.jpg  photo BMP_2208bw.jpg  photo BMP_2258bw.jpg  photo BMP_2269.jpg  photo BMP_2275bw.jpg  photo BMP_2278.jpg  photo BMP_2291bw.jpg  photo BMP_2298.jpg  photo BMP_2331bw.jpg  photo BMP_2312.jpg  photo BMP_2297.jpg  photo BMP_2343.jpg  photo BMP_2358.jpg  photo BMP_2376edit2.jpg  photo BMP_2400bw.jpg  photo BMP_3322.jpg  photo BMP_3043.jpg  photo BMP_3036.jpg  photo BMP_3015.jpg  photo BMP_2610.jpg  photo BMP_2626.jpg  photo BMP_2591.jpg  photo BMP_2901.jpg  photo BMP_2935.jpg  photo BMP_2912.jpg  photo BMP_2894.jpg  photo BMP_2853bw.jpg  photo BMP_2802.jpg  photo BMP_2866.jpg  photo BMP_2856bw.jpg  photo BMP_2890edit3.jpg  photo BMP_2892EDIT2.jpg  photo BMP_3209bw.jpg  photo BMP_3265.jpg  photo BMP_3190bw.jpg  photo BMP_3118BW.jpg  photo BMP_3583.jpg  photo BMP_3591bw.jpg  photo BMP_3596bw.jpg  photo BMP_3606bw.jpg  photo BMP_3610bw.jpg  photo BMP_3626.jpg  photo BMP_3292BW.jpg  photo BMP_3424bw.jpg  photo BMP_3452bw.jpg  photo BMP_3385bw.jpg  photo BMP_3728bw.jpg  photo BMP_1870.jpg  photo BMP_3900bw.jpg

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