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A few months ago, I decided to have a drawing for a free photo shoot. This beautiful family is our winner. I have known Shalise for a few years now and had been looking forward to working with her and Adam not only because they have THE most adorable baby girl, whom I had yet to meet, but because they needed some family pictures! They also brought along their handsome doberman, Diesel. Those of you who know me know I have wanted a doberman for a while now. He was such a good dog and so stunning to see in person. Can I also just say these guys had me laughing the entire time! Thank you for the awesome opportunity to be your picture taker :) P.S. I have this ongoing obsession with double exposures and although I think some of the best ones are created using film, I have been experimenting with the digital shots I take. Enjoy ~

 photo Rasmussen_38edit.jpg
 photo Rasmussen_605bw.jpg
 photo Rasmussen_32bw.jpg
 photo Rasmussen_160bw.jpg
 photo Rasmussen_254bw.jpg
 photo Rasmussen_249edit.jpg
 photo Rasmussen_295edit5.jpg
 photo Rasmussen_09bw.jpg
 photo Rasmussen_349edit2-1.jpg
 photo Untitled-1mzd.jpg
 photo Untitled-1nhk.jpg
 photo Rasmussen_810bw3-1.jpg
 photo Untitled-1-3.jpg
 photo Rasmussen_586edit2-1.jpg
 photo Rasmussen_549bw2-1.jpg
 photo Rasmussen_526edit2.jpg
 photo Untitled-164.jpg
 photo Untitled-44.jpg
 photo Rasmussen_310edit.jpg
 photo Untitled-50.jpg
 photo Untitled-34.jpg
 photo Rasmussen_696bw.jpg
 photo Rasmussen_831edit5.jpg
 photo Untitled-u9361.jpg
 photo Rasmussen_775crop.jpg
 photo Untitled-3-3.jpg
 photo Rasmussen_660bw.jpg
 photo Untitled-24.jpg
 photo Untitled-14-1.jpg
 photo Untitled-145.jpg
 photo Rasmussen_379edit.jpg

I'd say we had a pretty successful photo shoot wouldn't you agree guys? ;)
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