{ new kid on the block }

I never liked standing up in front of a classroom, college included, to introduce myself but if I must
it might go a little something like this:

"Pretty sure there has always been at least one other Brittany in all my classes growing up.
This one enjoys reading books alongside a cup of coffee, 
almost anything that sports fur and a tail, 
and cat naps.
When I was just little, I dreamed of being a writer."  

 Well, it's 2013, I'm not in a classroom, and this is what I hold accountable for why I like telling stories with pictures.
I didn't own my very own camera until I was well into high school.
 Who knew? 
 Everybody's gotta start somewhere
 and this "start" just so happened to be the time of my life.
I am happy to introduce myself to my future clients :)

   photo WeddingSpecial.jpg


{ wed }

I always say this.
 There's just something about a backyard wedding.
 The kind where everyone in a family coming together pitches in. From centerpieces right down to the cake, I watched this wedding be put together before my eyes with the help and love of both friends and family members. It turned out so beautiful. And these two are so in love.  So glad to have been able to be a part of their special day.  I'm also happy to present my very first wedding shoot to you all. Enjoy.

   photo bmariephto_8132edit2.jpg
 photo bmariephto_7886.jpg
 photo bmariephto_7874.jpg  photo bmariephto_8254.jpg
 photo bmariephto_9988.jpg  photo bmariephto_9981.jpg
 photo bmariephto_7853EDIT2-1.jpg
 photo bmariephto_7825.jpg
 photo bmariephto_7838.jpg
 photo bmariephto_7936.jpg
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 photo bmariephto_7951.jpg
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 photo bmariephto_7988.jpg
 photo bmariephto_8245edit2.jpg
 photo bmariephto_8041.jpg
 photo bmariephto_8045.jpg
 photo bmariephto_8693.jpg
 photo bmariephto_8723.jpg
 photo bmariephto_8037.jpg  photo bmariephto_8194.jpg
 photo bmariephto_8315.jpg
 photo bmariephto_8358.jpg  photo bmariephto_8362.jpg
 photo bmariephto_8464-1.jpg
 photo bmariephto_8489.jpg
 photo bmariephto_8497.jpg
 photo bmariephto_8607edit2.jpg
 photo bmariephto_8659edit2.jpg
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 photo bmariephto_8850edit2.jpg
 photo bmariephto_8874edit2-1.jpg
 photo bmariephto_8895blog.jpg  photo bmariephto_8928.jpg
 photo bmariephto_8993.jpg
 photo bmariephto_8944.jpg  photo bmariephto_9065.jpg
 photo bmariephto_9071.jpg
 photo bmariephto_9090.jpg
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 photo bmariephto_9734.jpg
 photo bmariephto_9785.jpg
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 photo bmariephto_9892.jpg  photo bmariephto_10290.jpg
 photo bmariephto_10244.jpg
 photo bmariephto_9945.jpg
 photo bmariephto_9927.jpg  photo bmariephto_10189.jpg  photo bmariephto_10067.jpg  photo bmariephto_10231.jpg
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 photo bmariephto_10236.jpg
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 photo bmariephto_10639.jpg
 photo bmariephto_10038edit2.jpg  photo bmariephto_10052.jpg
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 photo bmariephto_10706bw.jpg
 photo bmariephto_10673.jpg
 photo bmariephto_10717edit2.jpg
 photo bmariephto_10720bw.jpg
 photo bmariephto_10729.jpg  photo bmariephto_10760bw.jpg
 photo bmariephto_10753.jpg
 photo bmariephto_10781edit2.jpg
 photo bmariephto_10806.jpg
 photo bmariephto_10807.jpg
 photo bmariephto_10819.jpg
 photo bmariephto_10832.jpg
 photo bmariephto_10866.jpg
 photo bmariephto_10867.jpg
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 photo bmariephto_10901.jpg
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 photo bmariephto_10995.jpg
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