The Felds

So, I know these amazing people who have amazing ideas all the time. They are the Feld's aka Power Couple. Remember this post of photographs I did for Tried and Tasty? Well, Yvonne and Steve are ridiculously perfect for each other and I couldn't snatch up the opportunity fast enough to photograph them in their element, including celebrating their 5 year anniversary reminiscing in the very dress she said I do in. It was nothing short of perfect, including the great outdoors dressing room. Thank you both for signing me up for a night full of fun and giggles. Cheers my friends and happiest of anniversaries!  photo BMP_0288.jpg  photo BMP_0304.jpg  photo c278586c-f790-45cc-abf9-068fbfe00b4b.jpg  photo BMP_0244.jpg  photo BMP_0261.jpg  photo BMP_0151.jpg  photo BMP_0118.jpg  photo BMP_0228.jpg  photo BMP_0349.jpg  photo BMP_0211bw.jpg  photo BMP_0241bw.jpg  photo BMP_0489.jpg  photo BMP_0485.jpg  photo BMP_0467.jpg  photo BMP_0465.jpg  photo BMP_0392bw.jpg  photo BMP_0438.jpg  photo BMP_0421.jpg  photo BMP_0447bw.jpg  photo BMP_0458bw.jpg  photo BMP_0442.jpg  photo BMP_0496.jpg  photo BMP_0497bw.jpg  photo BMP_0621bw.jpg  photo BMP_0586.jpg  photo BMP_0583.jpg  photo BMP_0511.jpg  photo BMP_0563.jpg  photo BMP_0550.jpg  photo BMP_0551bw.jpg  photo BMP_0546.jpg  photo BMP_0630.jpg  photo BMP_0633bw.jpg
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