{ Tumanuvao family }

All it takes is two love birds to raise the cutest little boy.  And yet another joined their family just over a month ago.  Dare I say he fits right in with all the good looks and charm.  This family was the first to give me the wonderful opportunity to start photography again.  And can I just say that I am oh so grateful because they made some amazing photos.  Enjoy.

 photo Tumanuvaos_341bw2.jpg
 photo Tumanuvaos_342bw2.jpg
 photo Tumanuvaos_167bw3.jpg
 photo Tumanuvaos_155edit3.jpg
 photo Tumanuvaos_150bw4.jpg
 photo Tumanuvaos_429edit.jpg  photo 8c752844-bc29-4f99-9b5d-b8a9fbb9d7ad.jpg
 photo Untitled-14.jpg  photo Tumanuvaos_564bw2.jpg  photo Tumanuvaos_566edit5.jpg  photo Tumanuvaos_06sliver.jpg  photo Tumanuvaos_200sliver.jpg  photo Tumanuvaos_203bw.jpg  photo Untitled-4.jpg  photo Untitled-3-1.jpg  photo Untitled-10.jpg  photo Untitled-16.jpg  photo Untitled-15.jpg  photo Untitled-8.jpg  photo Untitled-12.jpg  photo Untitled-7.jpg  photo Tumanuvaos_536edit3.jpg
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