Home for the Holidays

My little sister is a senior this year and I still can't believe it. We've grown up years apart yet always close. I'm just the happiest person ever she asked me to take her pictures. I always like to brag about her and this is no exception. She is one of my very best friends and getting to spend time with her is something I always look forward to, photoshoots included. We had waited for weeks with still no snow in the state of Utah so we headed to our scouted location only to find our first big snow storm a few days later. We greeted the flurry by returning for some more fun. Happy Holidays to you and yours! Hope you all get to spend this wonderful time of year with those whom you cherish most. "Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire; it is the time for home."  photo BMP_0805.jpg  photo BMP_0370.jpg  photo BMP_0383.jpg  photo BMP_0379.jpg  photo BMP_0386.jpg  photo BMP_0631.jpg  photo BMP_0280.jpg  photo Untitled_Panorama2.jpg  photo BMP_0491.jpg  photo Untitled_Panorama2-1.jpg  photo BMP_0514.jpg  photo BMP_0584.jpg  photo BMP_0555.jpg  photo BMP_0593.jpg  photo BMP_0603.jpg  photo BMP_0641.jpg  photo BMP_0625.jpg  photo BMP_0620.jpg  photo BMP_0539bw.jpg  photo BMP_0427edit2.jpg  photo BMP_0469.jpg  photo BMP_0452.jpg  photo BMP_0410-1.jpg  photo BMP_0429.jpg  photo BMP_0439edit2.jpg  photo BMP_0267.jpg  photo BMP_0905.jpg  photo BMP_0925.jpg  photo BMP_0901edit2.jpg  photo BMP_0984.jpg  photo BMP_0987.jpg  photo BMP_0994.jpg  photo BMP_0894.jpg  photo BMP_0893.jpg  photo BMP_0859.jpg  photo BMP_0849.jpg  photo BMP_0827.jpg  photo BMP_0861.jpg  photo BMP_0871.jpg  photo BMP_1044.jpg  photo BMP_0809.jpg  photo BMP_0819.jpg  photo BMP_0874.jpg  photo BMP_0896.jpg  photo BMP_0840.jpg  photo BMP_0882edit2.jpg  photo BMP_0952.jpg  photo BMP_0946.jpg  photo BMP_1081.jpg  photo BMP_0930.jpg  photo BMP_0937.jpg  photo BMP_094545Final.jpg
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