Tried and Tasty

My wonderful and ever so talented friend, Yvonne, owner of Tried and Tasty, allowed me into her kitchen to photograph her at work a few weeks ago and I couldn't love the photos more. Yvonne and I have worked side by side and stayed friends over the years and I have been able to watch as her passion has grown to be what it is today. Yvonne not only has worked with several talents like herself, sharing via stories, videos, and blogging, but now officially has her very own spot on KUTV 2 News This Morning premiering once a month! Congrats Yvonne! This woman is incredible and if you haven't stumbled across her yet, you should! Check out her new website and be amazed. Oh, and one other thing. Thank you Yvonne for being an inspiration and a ton of fun!  photo BMP_4009.jpg  photo BMP_3960.jpg  photo BMP_3963.jpg  photo BMP_3965.jpg  photo BMP_3969.jpg  photo BMP_3971.jpg  photo BMP_4162.jpg  photo BMP_4003.jpg  photo BMP_4019.jpg  photo BMP_4050.jpg  photo BMP_4065.jpg  photo BMP_4081.jpg  photo BMP_4124.jpg  photo BMP_4101.jpg  photo BMP_4216.jpg  photo BMP_4212.jpg  photo BMP_4222.jpg  photo BMP_4231.jpg  photo BMP_4245.jpg  photo BMP_4260.jpg  photo BMP_4270.jpg  photo BMP_4280.jpg  photo BMP_4273.jpg  photo BMP_4323.jpg  photo BMP_4316.jpg  photo BMP_4295.jpg

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