Sarah || Senior Shoot

When Sarah contacted me recently to do her senior pictures, I was nothing short of thrilled. I had the pleasure of meeting her and her beau a little over a year ago and we had talked photos at the time. The opportunity finally came for a Salt Lake shoot of Sarah and you better believe I made Saygen hop in a few! It was so great getting to adventure the streets of such a fun city with such a fun pair, camera in tow. Sarah, congratulations! And thank you so much for letting me be your photog. Friends, this girl is a freakin' beauty. Passerbys couldn't stop complimenting her hair. Time to see for yourself.  photo BMP_5893.jpg  photo BMP_5982.jpg  photo BMP_5470-1.jpg  photo BMP_5472.jpg  photo BMP_5487.jpg  photo BMP_5499.jpg  photo BMP_5504bwblur2.jpg  photo BMP_5510.jpg  photo BMP_5531blur.jpg  photo Untitled-1.jpg  photo BMP_5562BLUR.jpg  photo BMP_5563bwblur.jpg  photo BMP_5572BW.jpg  photo BMP_5578.jpg  photo BMP_5586.jpg  photo BMP_5425.jpg  photo BMP_5440.jpg  photo BMP_5455blur.jpg  photo Untitled_Panoramablur.jpg  photo BMP_5702bw.jpg  photo BMP_5707.jpg  photo BMP_5715bw.jpg  photo BMP_5722bw.jpg  photo BMP_5738.jpg  photo BMP_5779edit2.jpg  photo BMP_5811edit2.jpg  photo BMP_5819.jpg  photo BMP_5848.jpg  photo BMP_5844bw.jpg  photo BMP_5892.jpg  photo BMP_5864.jpg  photo BMP_5860blur.jpg  photo BMP_5905.jpg  photo BMP_5951blur.jpg  photo BMP_5988blur.jpg  photo BMP_6014.jpg  photo BMP_6016.jpg  photo BMP_6019.jpg  photo BMP_6020BLUR.jpg  photo BMP_5851.jpg  photo BMP_6079.jpg  photo BMP_6089blur2.jpg  photo BMP_6145bw.jpg  photo BMP_6176bw.jpg  photo BMP_6160bwblur.jpg  photo BMP_5627.jpg  photo BMP_6307.jpg  photo BMP_6304.jpg  photo BMP_6349BW.jpg  photo BMP_6342.jpg  photo BMP_6300.jpg  photo BMP_6206bw.jpg  photo BMP_6272.jpg  photo BMP_6278double.jpg  photo BMP_6194merged3.jpg

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