{ andy rooney once said "If dogs could talk... }

it would take a lot of the fun out of owning one." He couldn't of been much more right! I have known Kelly for a few years now and I remember when she very first brought Montiga home. She had wanted a German Shepard and when one finally came her way, she didn't question the small, unhealthy, underweight puppy. She took her in quickly, sure to not waste each minute that mattered and with a lot of hope and love, Montiga gained herself. Their story is proof true love in any form can do amazing things. Let me tell you about the personality this beautiful dog so happily is today. She is an absolute diva! A day with her is so much fun filling in the words she might have said at any given moment :) Of all the places we went to take pictures, the open field was her favorite! I have had the most fun getting to know these two girls and I hope these pictures help me to properly introduce you to Montiga and Kelly.

 photo MontegaampKelly2_94bw.jpg
 photo Combo6-1.jpg
 photo MontegaampKelly_64bwgrain.jpg
 photo MontegaampKelly_65.jpg

 photo eac5c4fd-dc92-4546-8ee6-6fddabfe9004.jpg  photo MontegaampKelly_254edit2.jpg  photo MontegaampKelly_107edit.jpg
 photo MontegaampKelly2_110EDITbw2.jpg  photo MontegaampKelly2_184edit.jpg  photo Websize.jpg
 photo MontegaampKelly_199.jpg

 photo Websize4.jpg  photo Websize6.jpg  photo Websize2jpg.jpg  photo MontegaampKelly_326-Recovered.jpg  photo Websize3.jpg  photo MontegaampKelly_170edit2.jpg  photo MontegaampKelly_152.jpg  photo MontegaampKelly_145eidt2.jpg

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