Winter Wonderland

It seems crazy to me that the holiday season is already here and Fall is almost over. Fall most definitely is my most favorite season of all. I blame pumpkins and sweaters. Still, I find myself giddy for the world to turn white, the taste of peppermint in nearly everything, and the warm feelings despite the cold. As a way of ringing in the change of seasons, I was able to spend my first weekend in November outside enjoying a fresh blanket of snow. Several fellow photographers/artists were doing the same and had invited me along to enjoy the beautifully cold day. I was so excited to meet a few new faces I admire as well as catch up with friends who inspire me to keep my camera on me at all times :) I am grateful to know such a fantastic group of artists to collaborate with. I wanted to share just a few images/portraits from a day well spent in the company of good talent and fun. Cheers to you all. Can't wait to meet again.  photo BMP_0029.jpg  photo BMP_0034.jpg  photo Untitled_Panorama1.jpg  photo BMP_0106.jpg  photo BMP_0164.jpg  photo BMP_0161.jpg  photo BMP_0159.jpg  photo BMP_0169.jpg  photo BMP_0173.jpg  photo BMP_0187EDIT2.jpg  photo BMP_0182.jpg  photo BMP_0062.jpg  photo BMP_0100.jpg  photo BMP_0099.jpg  photo BMP_0086.jpg  photo BMP_0094.jpg  photo BMP_0192.jpg  photo BMP_0054.jpg  photo BMP_0097.jpg  photo BMP_0201.jpg  photo BMP_0039.jpg  photo BMP_0072.jpg  photo BMP_0076.jpg

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