{ so this is love }

Another day, another happy photographer. LOVED everything about this shoot. And these people. Erik and Ashley have come a long way since we first met and these are some from the final chapters of my journey with them. Their wedding photos are scheduled to be hitting the blog shortly but first, without much further ado, a few from their formal session. While I was in the process of putting this post together, I'll admit, I hummed to the song from Cinderella. You know "So this is love, so this is what makes life divine..." Maybe I'm a bit too in love with that classic of a movie but it truly goes with the feel of this shoot, mind you. Go ahead, scroll on through and I think you'll get a glimpse of what I'm talking about.  photo bmariephto_12687.jpg  photo bmariephto_12986.jpg  photo bmariephto_12701.jpg  photo bmariephto_12992.jpg  photo bmariephto_13009.jpg  photo bmariephto_12202.jpg  photo bmariephto_12235.jpg  photo bmariephto_12240.jpg  photo bmariephto_12291.jpg  photo bmariephto_12263.jpg  photo bmariephto_12277edit2.jpg  photo bmariephto_12286.jpg  photo bmariephto_12327.jpg  photo bmariephto_12364.jpg  photo bmariephto_12329edit3.jpg  photo bmariephto_12702.jpg  photo bmariephto_12709.jpg  photo bmariephto_12302.jpg  photo bmariephto_12306.jpg  photo bmariephto_12319.jpg  photo bmariephto_12716.jpg  photo bmariephto_12537bw.jpg  photo bmariephto_12471.jpg  photo bmariephto_12479.jpg  photo bmariephto_12520.jpg  photo bmariephto_12746bw.jpg  photo bmariephto_12859.jpg  photo bmariephto_12489.jpg  photo bmariephto_12495.jpg  photo bmariephto_12554.jpg  photo bmariephto_12557bw.jpg  photo bmariephto_13157nohair.jpg  photo bmariephto_12669bw.jpg  photo bmariephto_12671.jpg  photo bmariephto_12681bw.jpg  photo bmariephto_12759bw.jpg  photo bmariephto_13056.jpg  photo bmariephto_13050.jpg  photo bmariephto_13013edit2.jpg  photo bmariephto_13289.jpg  photo bmariephto_13316.jpg  photo bmariephto_12947bw.jpg  photo bmariephto_12959edit2.jpg  photo bmariephto_12777.jpg  photo bmariephto_12818.jpg  photo bmariephto_12791.jpg  photo Untitled_Panoramaedit2.jpg  photo bmariephto_12865.jpg  photo bmariephto_12869.jpg  photo bmariephto_12613.jpg  photo bmariephto_12618.jpg  photo bmariephto_12620.jpg  photo bmariephto_12609bw.jpg  photo bmariephto_13175.jpg  photo bmariephto_13187.jpg  photo bmariephto_13197.jpg  photo bmariephto_13230.jpg  photo bmariephto_13340.jpg  photo bmariephto_13347.jpg  photo bmariephto_13353.jpg  photo bmariephto_13361.jpg  photo bmariephto_13375combo2.jpg

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