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I really have so many words for today & yet I can't specifically pin it all on one emotion.  Excitement, joy, boat-loads of love...  My last post documented Erik & Ashley in a display of just how in love & engaged they were six months ago.  Well, today will be their first day as newlyweds. So I guess the few most important words I would like to say would be "Congrats you two!"  Your day is FINALLY here & you better believe Mrs. Ashley is so absolutely simply stunning on this beautiful day in May.  

 photo Bridals_7119.jpg
 photo Bridals_7122edit2.jpg

 photo Bridals_7093.jpg
 photo Bridals_7150.jpg
 photo 10edbc99-c8ae-42d6-848f-d51b5969a855.jpg
 photo Bridals_7094.jpg

 photo Bridals_7272.jpg
 photo Bridals_7104.jpg
 photo Bridals_7203.jpg
 photo Bridals_7215.jpg
 photo Bridals_7628.jpg
 photo Bridals_7230bw2.jpg
 photo Bridals_7231edit2.jpg
 photo Bridals_7240.jpg

 photo Bridals_7257.jpg
 photo Bridals_7370.jpg
 photo Bridals_7372.jpg
 photo Bridals_7298.jpg
 photo Bridals_7357.jpg
 photo Bridals_7645.jpg
 photo Bridals_7573.jpg
 photo Bridals_7616edit2.jpg
 photo e570c306-8c58-4f0b-8d38-7855ecad297c.jpg
 photo Bridals_7303.jpg
 photo Bridals_7308.jpg
 photo Bridals_7310.jpg
 photo Bridals_7332.jpg
 photo Bridals_7337.jpg
 photo Bridals_7363.jpg
 photo c907dac7-944d-493f-ba01-7f87248c95b7.jpg
 photo Bridals_7559double.jpg
 photo Bridals_7556.jpg
 photo Bridals_7524.jpg
 photo Bridals_7522.jpg
 photo Bridals_75122.jpg
 photo Bridals_7499.jpg
 photo Bridals_7529.jpg
 photo Bridals_7534edit2.jpg
 photo Bridals_7617.jpg
 photo Bridals_7475.jpg
 photo Bridals_7468bw.jpg
 photo Bridals_7388double.jpg
 photo Bridals_7447.jpg
 photo DOUBLE.jpg
 photo Bridals_7464.jpg
 photo Bridals_7429double.jpg
 photo Bridals_7318.jpg
 photo Bridals_7580.jpg
 photo double3.jpg
 photo Bridals_7648.jpg
 photo Bridals_73874.jpg

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